Patrice D'Evans has been transforming women's lives body, mind, and spirit for over 13 years through her gift of
healing through dance.​
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[Patrice ] You gave me the confidence to move forward ... There wasn’t anyone else in my life that had your knowledge of what to do and where to go.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

God put her [Patrice]  in my life at the perfect time! She was very honest with me about the tough stuff – the ugly truth of my reality. She walked me through the process to be set free from a horrible environment, a toxic relationship.  Based on her previous experiences (similar to mine), she was able to walk me through a healthy process to be removed from my toxic environment.  As a parent, my children were also impacted, and she was able to guide me down the right path to remove them as well.  Being removed is just the beginning. ... Now my kids and I are the best versions of ourselves.  I’m so thankful to see the transformation in myself and my children. 


One of my friends at work convinced me {to take Patrice's dance fitness class}  Because I tried diets and I was a dancer my whole like.  ... My friend said "I know a lady that can change you."  I was like "Nah. It ain't gonna work."  So I went.  I walked  in and it was something about her speech that changed me. It was physically, mentally and [emotionally].  And I said from that day forward it had to be for me [my self-care]  ... And within that year I lost 130 pounds. ... I've stuck with it... I just keep going. 


[Patrice] You have really blessed me in so many ways, and I have to be honest if it wasn't for Covid, I may not have come across you on youtube.  I rarely went on youtube.  ...  God knows our needs.  You are a great leader and I'm honored to be one of your students.  (You are the only human, other than my dad, that I allow to be my leader.). You {know} how to lead by example.  And as far as I can see, you do.   




Relationship Coaching & Matchmaker for Single, Successful Women

Patrice D'Evans, born and raised in NYC, is a devout Christian Healer and Evangelist, an author, a relationship coach for women and a professional performance artist, and a producer

She is a professional SAG-AFTRA actress, print model. and dancer who has been featured in various feature films, commercials, T.V. programs, and theatrical productions.  You can find her credits and resume information on her actor's website www.PatriceDevans.com, on 

www.resumes.actorsaccess.com/patricedevans, and on her IMDB page under "Patrice D'Evans". On her actor's website, you can also find Patrice D'Evans' various belly dances, international dance, and acting performance videos and photos.


Patrice is a naturally gifted, professionally trained, and experienced dancer. Although Patrice is an international dancer, her signature dance performance is her Caribbean, (Latin) Fusion Belly Dance. Patrice's international dance styles also include Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cumbia, Kizomba, Sevianna (Flamenco), Thai as well as urban hip-hop, African, and many other international dance styles.


Growing up in a predominately Latin American neighborhood, Patrice grew to love the Spanish language as well as the dances, music, and culture.  So during her undergraduate studies, Patrice studied Spanish abroad in Seville, Spain.  Today Patrice speaks Spanish fluently and is a certified high school and middle school Spanish Language teacher and administrator.


Patrice is also, a YouTube Content Creator and Producer with over 11,000 subscribers.  Her YouTube channel is called "Patrice D'Evans". She has over 650 videos on YouTube and many are top searches such as "How to Belly Dance (Whine)" and "Caribbean Belly Dance Fusion". She is known on YouTube for being an excellent teacher as it pertains to all of her videos, especially her belly dance tutorial videos, and natural hair care videos. 

Patrice is not only a fitness trainer, but she is the founder and CEO of Body, Mind, and Spirit Productions LLC and the founder of the non-profit organization, Saka® Core Fit.

Patrice's Caribbean Fusion Belly Dance performance is a one-of-a-kind, fun-filled, family-friendly performance.  Patrice's beauty (inside and out), electrifying energy, joyful spirit, and professional danceability displayed in her belly dance performances always ensure that you have a party to remember.  Her joy is infectious and she gets your guests off of their feet having the time of their lives.  It is an anointing from God. 


This is Patrice's current weekly schedule on her YouTube channel, Patrice D'Evans:

Sunday - ( Live Stream at 2 pm EST on 2nd channel "J.O.Y. Party TV with Patrice D'Evans".) J.O.Y. Party TV with movement and message videos to women to unlock their joy and be more desirable, from the Christian perspective, and attract and sustain Godly love in their lives.

Patrice believes in "Keeping Jesus at the enter of ALL that we do". And that's why Patrice coined the acronym J.O.Y., which means Jesus Overcame for You! If you are interested in getting one of her J.O.Y.   t-shirts, mugs and other products click here: 


You can book Patrice D'Evans here as a speaker and performer here on the "contact" page. 


God bless you!



Saka® is also on this site. It is founded by Patrice D'Evans.  It is a nonprofit organization, which aims to transform women's lives body, mind and spirit through our signature, one of a kind dance fitness program that uses authentically inspired dances from around the world.


If you are a successful Single Woman,
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As a Christian minister also for women and the CEO of a women's wellness nonprofit organization, Saka ®Core Fit, I have worked with women for over 13 years and I have helped them heal and transform their lives, body, mind, and spirit. I am a Christian minister with the gift of healing and in my for-profit business, my course, Attract the Right Man for Marriage I am able to go deeper in a proven transformation to help successful women attract the right man as I have as a successful woman. I am now dedicated to helping women like me who have been in my shows and are committed to doing the work to attract the right man.  I wrote about my experience in my book Resilient Joy.  

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I look forward to hearing from you and if it's a good fit for us both, working with you.  


God bless you!

Patrice D'Evans